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Your Freedom Can Be Arranged. Really.

I just don't coach you on any project. I coach you on the only project that really matters. Restructuring your life and redesigning yourself until you have enough Freedom. Enough to permanently spend your time doing what you value most, with the people you value most. It's a big game, but worth playing.

Complete Freedom is part self-awareness, part perspective, part skill and part reserves. Each area is critical, and each area is learnable. Regardless of where you're currently at in the process, we can create a plan to get you where you need to be - living out your values. And together, we can get you there dramatically faster than you can on your own.

If any of these describe you ...

  • One of your biggest fears is being on your deathbed and regretting that you didn't go after your dreams
  • You're no longer willing to work for the rest of your life at a job that drains you
  • You're paying too high of a price for traditional success
  • You're tired of not being able to do what you really value because "work" consistently gets in the way
  • You know a lot more is possible, if you only had enough support to start making changes
  • You've tasted true freedom before, but didn't have the skills, reserves, etc. to make it last permanently
  • Your values have outgrown your current circumstances, but your reserves haven't

And you're willing to ...

  • Explore a life so juicy it scares you
  • Stretch yourself
  • Work on permanent results instead of temporary results, even when it's harder
  • Find easier ways, but "do hard" until you figure out easy
  • Face the ways you keep yourself trapped in your current life
  • Say goodbye to the parts of your life that hold you back
  • Orient your life around your values
  • Build reserves in all areas: security/financial, emotional, esteem
  • Be coached

Then e-mail me to arrange a phone appointment or talk online.

Together, we'll clarify what you really value, and craft a working Freedom Plan. Then, you'll implement it. And, I'll be there to coach you through it.

Your Freedom Can Be Arranged. Really.

The question isn't if it can be done. The question is simply how much Freedom do you need to bring your dreams to life, and are you willing to do what it takes.

If you need to "dip your foot in the pool" before getting into action, you can subscribe to my free newsletter now.

May Freedom Be Yours,

Greg Gent
Freedom Coach


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